Amina: This is #HowiHappy

Amina: This is #HowiHappy

Name: Amina |

Age: 26 |

City: Toronto, Ontario |

Ethnicity: Asian |

Occupation: Intermediate Accountant |



What is 'happiness' for you?

Happiness to me is being present in the current moment, and finding joy in it. I really do believe that happiness is a choice and that everyone has the ability to create happiness for themselves. What makes you happy does not need approval from anyone else, only yourself.


What is your current creative outlet / how do you express yourself?

I love to dance and recently registered in the next session of the dance course I am taking through a company called Luminesque Dance. Dancing is a great creative outlet and expression of myself, and also gives me motivation to stay fit. Outside of dance, I express myself through drawing and doodling, and also running mine (@aminaayub) and my dogs' Instagram pages (@miathedachshund).


Photo courtesy of Instagram @aminaayub


What is something you’ve been curious about lately that you want to explore more?

Lately, I have wanted to do more self reflection. I find that I make a lot of decisions about myself and my life on impulse, and I really want to find out what the drivers behind those type of decisions are. I am curious as to the deeper rooted feelings that subconsciously push me to do or not do something.


What is something only your friends know about you?

That I was born with a dislocated hip and had to wear a cast for first 3 months of my life.


Who are you grateful for?

I am grateful for my Mom. Although my mom and I have our differences and arguments, she is still there for me when I really need her. My mom flew from Vancouver to London, Ontario when I was in 4th year to live with me for weeks upon weeks while I was sick and battling severe anxiety, seeing doctors, and on medication. My mom has let me make my own mistakes, gone to the doctor with me when I'm sick (even as an adult), and always packs me food when she has a chance. She still cleans up after me, drives me around, and does my laundry when I stay over. I was (and probably still am) the most difficult out of her three kids to raise, so I am thankful to my mom for putting up with me for the past 26 years. Go Mom! 

Photo courtesy of Instagram @aminaayub


What was the last thing that made you laugh so hard you nearly, or actually(!), fell to the floor?

The last thing that made me laugh hard was when my friend Natasha and I went for Bubble Tea and she started impersonating Sméagol (Gollum) from Lord of the Rings. I was snorting, crying, and laughing (and so was she!).

Which cultural and/or social movement is closest to your heart?

I would have to go with Bell Let's Talk Day as a "social movement" closest to my heart. Throughout my entire life, and mostly in university, I struggled with depression and anxiety. I think based on what I present myself as and what is public knowledge (Facebook, IG, etc), people would generally think I am a happy person and enjoy life. Bell Let's Talk encourages everyone to look at mental health and mental wellness a little differently, and has allowed me to open up more about myself and my life. Mental illness should never be something to be ashamed of. Neither should talking about it.

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learnt so far in your life?

I think the biggest lesson I've learnt so far in my life is that life is always changing. There will always be another mountain to climb, another crossroads to make a decision, or another bridge to overcome. Just because there is a new decision you have to make or a new problem you have to face, does not mean your life is over or that your life is bad by any means. Life is supposed to be constantly changing. Because YOU are constantly changing and growing as a person. Everyone's journey is different - and that is okay.

How would your friends describe you?

My friend's would describe me as a weenie dog lover with a big heart.


Photo courtesy of Instagram @aminaayub


How do you describe yourself? Is it the same as your answer above?

I would describe myself as a my friends do - a weenie dog lover. I love my dogs more than I love myself.


What is something you’ve never told anyone about yourself? (It’s a tough one, we know!)

I am pretty lonely and have been for the majority of my life. I think everyone thinks I have a lot of friends or that my life is "great" because I hide behind an Instagram page that tries to stay positive. I have so many "what if's" about my life and aspirations for who I want to be but I don't know how to follow through on them. 


What's your favourite colour? :-)



What daily practices do you do that make you happy?

In the morning, I like to shower to start fresh for the day.
I also try to have a nice warm cup of tea at work before working.
Keeping a planner makes me happy, as it helps me to organize my thoughts and my schedule and prevents me from getting sidetracked.
I also like to doodle, spend time cuddling Mia (she comes to work with me), and watch Jane the Virgin or Riverdale on Netflix.


Photo courtesy of Instagram @aminaayub


Why do you feel connected to

I feel connected to HappyTears because the posts really resonate with me. I think the search for happiness is really a journey that everyone is on and finding out what that happiness is and means for yourself is so important.


When was the last time you shed a 'happy tear'?

The last time I shed a "happy tear" is when I saw my dog Patch (who lives with my parents) playing with her Barkbox toys via a video my sister sent me. I miss her.


Thank YOU, Amina!

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