Nida: This is #HowIHappy

What is 'Happiness' for you?

Happiness for me is a state of emotional and physical content. It is often brought about by intangibles- such as making someone's day a little brighter, or spending time with the amazing people in my life!


What is your current creative outlet / how do you express yourself?

I use photography as my creative outlet. I also love volunteering with organizations that are near and dear to my heart.


What is something you’ve been curious about lately that you want to explore more?

If you volunteer in a monkey sanctuary, are you able to hold/pet one of those little critters?

What is something only your friends know about you?



Who are you grateful for?

Friends, family and mentors!


What was the last thing that made you laugh so hard you nearly, or actually(!), fell to the floor?

"She was a woman like no other. The chest of a gorilla atop the legs of a horse. A champion steed was she. But who was I to deserve such luxury when my very head was shaped like an egg" -- my best friend (@aargg)'s ode to his girlfriend. Find you a hype man like that, boys and girls.


Which cultural and/or social movement is closest to your heart?

Bridging healthcare disparities in the population. Child health is of paramount concern, and a child's place of birth should not affect their health outcomes.


What is the biggest lesson you’ve learnt so far in your life?

Everything that is meant for you, will eventually come to you. While effort is needed, you can't force things.


How would your friends describe you?

"Kind, empathetic, driven, energetic and fun"


What is something you’ve never told anyone about yourself? (It’s a tough one, we know!)

I can't cry in sad movies, but all other times I will cry at the drop of a hat.


How do you describe yourself? Is it the same as your answer in Q9?

I think they forgot that I can be a little weird at times...


What's your favourite colour? 

Pink or purple!


What daily practices do you do that make you happy? 

I really try to stay active to keep my energy levels up. I often have a very busy day, so taking the time to really focus on myself and listen to what I need.


Why do you feel connected to

The overall message that they are sending is so positive, and it is run by one of the most positive people I know!


When was the last time you shed a 'happy tear'?

Right NOW!

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