happiness challenge

Try something new
Make a vision board
Do a virtual workout
Eat mindfully in each meal
Move your body with some physical activity
Rewatch your favourite movie
Organize a virtual hangout
Send a greeting card just because
Get artsy! Draw, paint, sew, etc.!
Make a mood boosting playlist
Wake up early to watch the sunrise
Get out into nature
Game night
Make a donation or volunteer
Write out your goals for this year and share them with friends
Read a book (or listen to one!)
Send gratitude messages to your 5 favourite people
Bake something up
Wear your favourite colour
Make a TikTok that cracks you up
Watch the sunset
Take 5 photos of overlooked beauty today
Call up a friend
Discover a new podcast
Try 3 vegan meals today
Donate your unused clothing
Look through old travel photos and write out the memories
Try a new ritual to improve your sleep
Practice your own form of meditation
Seek and engage in meaningful conversations