It is so great to meet you.

I'm a colourful, creative confetti canon, LGBTQ+ person and advocate, millennial, spin instructor and the HappyTears Founder & Chief-of-Happy! 

I spent 3 years in the corporate world before embarking on this happiness project. During these years, I was happy, but some inner intuition told me that I could be happier striving towards more meaning in my life. This was a feeling that I just could not put on snooze any longer. 

Now let's be clear about something! I'm not here telling you that the big secret to happiness is "quit your day job" (unless your inner compass guides you to this decision, then by all means!); however, what I do wish for you is to ask yourself the important questions every single day and move through life with the courage to go after those answers.

My own pursuit of happiness influenced meaningful conversations with friends, family and colleagues. It is here where I realized 3 things:

(a) there is a real need for positivity in the world, 
(b) there is a lack of digestible language for us to define and navigate our happiness; and,
(c) there is an undeniably contagious power of happy people!


Now, I will be transparent and say: I don’t have all the answers.

What I do know for sure is that there is so much value in having these conversations together to connect us all to more meaning in our lives. 

That said, I invite you to dive in, to explore and participate in these conversations on Instagram and over on the #HowIHappy blog. I hope you will be inspired to start conversations of your own.

If you haven't connected to your happiness journey yet, know that it is never too late and I hope today is the day that you pick up your pen and start writing.

I am really happy you're here.

I cannot wait to to see what you do next. What we do next.







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