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[limited edition] 'sometimes sad...' canvas tote bag


For the launch of our very first Pop-Up Shop in Downtown Montreal, we bring you the 'Sometimes sad...' canvas tote bag adorned with a graphic print designed by Happy Tears Founder, Brandon!

'Sometimes sad, but mostly happy!' is a phrase that embodies the spirit of the Happy Tears brand. A phrase that acknowledges sadness as part of the happiness journey; a phrase that removes any shame associated with feeling darker feelings. We embrace all emotions that come our way, because we know that the outcome of doing so, is a meaningful life well lived.

The Details:

  • Dimensions: 14" W x 13" H x 6" D
  • 100% 8.6 oz. Cotton Natural Canvas
  • Proudly hand printed in Montreal, Quebec
  • Handles made of heavy cotton webbing 1.25" wide handles stitched into top hem for maximum strength and durability
  • Each handle measures 20" that won't drag the ground when holding in your hand, yet long enough to put over your shoulder
  • Washing: wash machine cold, lay flat to dry or hang to dry to avoid shrinking and or wrinkling


Through co-creation and colour, we offer choices that allow you to express yourself authentically.


Our minimal designs are intentional, covering all of your essential needs, and then allowing who you are to shine.


Living in the present takes practice. Our co-creations are built to be your daily reminder to live in the moment.

[limited edition] 'sometimes sad...' canvas tote bag