Meet the hello happy! daypack

Designed with our happy community.

Co-created through conversations online and off, our accessories are inspired by real everyday needs. The truth is that we can't do this alone and we would never want to!


There is no 'one way' to happy. Life is a colourful adventure of finding your way.


" helps me worry less & smile more! The words are always inspiring & leave you thinking about your own life. Plus, it's bright, fun, & creative. I think we could all use more of this!"

Jalen Falcon | @jalenfalcon

"Life doesn’t get simpler. I wake up each day, breathing, still desiring light & goodness in this easily overwhelming world. It's about finding clarity of what you need & holding your ground on it."

Promise Stephens | @itspromisejoy

"I think many people believe happiness is something obvious or spontaneous... but for others, it is not & we do need to make concrete time to take care of ourselves."

Noah Cohen | @esc_noah

"Through the active practice of self-awareness, I've shifted my ability to connect with people because I feel more in tune with myself & know what I have to offer."

Olivia Leung | @olivialeung

"Life is too short to be anything but happy! It’s a process to get to this mindset, but share with people, talk to them, & be nice! Try focusing on the positives & let them outweigh the negative."

Molly Grinham | @mollylouisey

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