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Colourful. Conscious. Co-creation.

Thoughtful daily tools created with and for the mindful generation.

Let's Get Connected.

Discover our new card game, tested and proven to uplevel your relationships!



Born out of Montreal, we set out to make people smile, with creativity, colour, and meaningful connection. Our greatest hope is to see our generation define, prioritize and live mindfully within their own version of happy.



Through conversations online & off, we co-design with our community to solve for real everyday needs.

Happy Tears helps me worry less and smile more. The words are always inspiring and leave you thinking about your own life. Plus, it's bright, fun, and creative. I think we could all use more of this!

Jalen F.

I think many people believe happiness is something obvious or spontaneous... but for others, it is not and we do need to make concrete time to take care of ourselves.

Noah C.

Practising what we preach, we've started growing a happy list of our own! 👇

  • This is How We Happy :

    🎒  By creating tools that our friends & family love

    🌎  Caring for our planet through small daily actions

    🙏🏼  Treating our team like family, because they are

    🧠  Helping others to build their own set of tools to navigate their mental health

    👩🏿‍🎨  Collaborating with local artists, designers & talent

    🍁  Proudly representing Montreal & Canada

    ☕  Oat milk latte’s

    👫🏽  Using our voices to advocate causes we believe in

    🗣️  Meaningful conversations

    ☀️  ...and, surely we forgot something...

    🍟  Oh ya, poutine.

What's your story?

Wherever you're at in your happiness journey, you're exactly where you're supposed to be. You decide what you do next, and we can't wait to see it.