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Hello, happy!

Yes, you!  First off, thanks for getting yourself here. Wherever you are on the happiness scale, know that our only intention is to raise you HIGHER!

Who are we, you ask? We are a pretty joyful bunch over here! Sometimes we're sad, too, and we've learnt that's entirely OK. Every ying needs its yang, right?


HappyTears was born upon a wish to make people happy every day. 

In early 2018 in Montreal, Canada, we turned to positive psychology and spirituality to better understand how to navigate a happy life. 

As we soaked in the knowledge, we began to share what we found on Instagram; to our excitement, we saw meaningful conversations being sparked with a global community of creatives and soul-seekers. To this day, we engage in this space, sharing and learning from each other as we all have a story and something to contribute.



After 18 months immersed in happiness research, we were naturally forced to take a magnifying glass to our own daily lives to uncover WHAT WE NOW KNOW


  • the content we consume has a direct impact on our level of happiness and unfortunately, much of the news we are exposed to is negative;
  • we crave meaningful connection & vulnerability is our best connector; however, we are conditioned to see our vulnerability as a weakness; 
  • we suppress our fear, pain, insecurity & discomfort when in fact, these are our most transformative opportunities for self-growth;
  • social media has reinforced a culture of comparison and lines have blurred between the metrics of our online presence and our self-worth; and finally,
  • we all want to be happy & find meaning in our lives, but when asked to paint a picture of what that looks like for ourselves, we struggle completely; knowing now that defining our happiness is the first step to living it!



    And now, THE GOOD NEWS:


    Happiness is a choice and the more we mindfully engage in positive daily practices, the easier this choice becomes.


      This is not just fluffy stuff, either! This universal truth about our control is backed by science. Happiness researcher at Harvard University and best-selling author of 'The Happiness Advantage,' Shawn Achor, reports:

      90% of our longterm happiness is attributed to how we process the world... [and] only about 10% by our environment.”


      HappyTears is here to deliver a daily dose of positivity, to bring you these simple daily happiness practices and ultimately equip you with a mindset to navigate joyous moments, sad ones and everything in between.

      Visit our MANIFESTO page for more on the mindset we share.







      ...and backpacks make for a close second!


      With the facts staring us in the eyes and our mission in our hearts, we began to think seriously about how we could positively enter daily lives to remind our community of these truths and influence real mindset and behavioural shifts.

      It took only a glance up while sitting in a Montreal café to see what everyone had in common: a backpack (ok... and maybe a latté)!

      Daily accessories became the medium to our message. 

      Inviting our accessories into your everyday life becomes a daily reminder of what you care most about while making a bold statement to the world about how you live your life with intention and mindfulness.





      • Choose today as the day you acknowledge the control you have to define your own happiness and human experience;
      • choose every day from here on out as an opportunity to intentionally and authentically live in your truth and evolve with it; and,
      • use HappyTears as your daily dose of positivity, a community for engaging in meaningful conversation & a colourful, daily compass to carry with you on your unique path to longterm happiness.


          Thank you for being here - with love,





          Want more? We got it, and then some!