our story (up until now)

Starting Happy Tears was a big moment for me. It was a time in my life where I decided two things:

1  I would begin to MAKE CHOICES that made me happy; that reflected what I wanted for my life, and not what the world wanted of my life; and,


2  I would begin to prioritize MAKING MEANINGFUL CONNECTIONS, and making the quality of my relationships my greatest legacy.



...for me does not mean living in a constant state of bliss, joy, love, and awe. Happiness for me reflects a full spectrum of emotions: the good, the bad, the high vibes and low vibes, the smiles, the tears, and the happy tears.
Making any good choice for ourselves takes practice, and this insight is what inspired the creation of our vibrant, sustainable bags. Our bags are intended to be carried as a daily reminder to make those choices that most closely align to who we are.


...is something I've always struggled with. Growing up I was so concerned with fitting in — being cool, going to a ‘good’ school, getting a ‘good’ corporate job, having a straight relationship, and overspending on materials things — that I abandoned myself completely in the process.
What I ultimately wanted was connection. The craziest thing is that fitting in is what I thought would bring me deeper connection, but it was in fact the very thing that kept me so disconnected.
As I began to journal, self-reflect, engage in mindfulness practices, oh(!) and listen to a ton of Oprah SuperSoul conversations, that’s where I started to find my way back to myself.
I found my way back to a young boy who loved art, design, Taylor Swift songs, laughing and chatting with the quirky kids in the playground. I understood authenticity for the first time. Finding this deep sense of self through the answers in my journals inspired the questions that would become the ones now found inside of the Connect Deck.
The Connect Deck has been one of the most meaningful things I have ever created. It is being played and embraced by thousands of people in the world, deepening relationships, encouraging vulnerability, inducing tears, and just getting people to really feel, sometimes for the very first time.
I am so grateful to channel my creativity into Happy Tears each day, and even more grateful that I get to connect with people like you who seem to like what we’re doing, and keep coming back for more. 
If I've learnt anything from you all, it is that to be human is to FEEL EVERYTHING.

Thank you for being here. Mille mercis!