give 5, high 5! ☺

Choose your cause - because when we give, we do good, and when we do good, we feel great.


As much as happiness is a choice, so are the causes that you feel most connected to! The GIVE 5, HIGH 5! program by Happy Tears donates 5% of proceeds from your purchase to one of three fantastic causes, as chosen by YOU.

Discover more about the exceptional work that these organizations are doing below.



Help us support, as we continue to de-stigmatize mental health and provide Canadian youth with the resources they need to thrive is Canada's only charity training and empowering young leaders to revolutionize mental health in every province and territory. Through Do SomethingJack TalksJack Chapters, and Jack Summits, young leaders identify and dismantle barriers to positive mental health in their communities. And through ambitious innovations in youth mental health like Be There, we give people the mental health resources they need to educate themselves.

The organization is working towards a Canada where all young people understand how to take care of their own mental health and look out for each other. A Canada without shame, where all those who need support get the help they deserve. Their movement is powered by tens of thousands of advocates and allies across every province and territory of Canada.

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Help us to offset the impact of the fashion industry on the environment by supporting the world's oceans through Ocean Wise

Ocean Wise is a globally focused conservation organization on a mission to protect and restore the world’s oceans. Through research, education, direct-action conservation and field projects, we empower communities to take action for ocean health.

They are focused on tackling three major ocean challenges: overfishing, ocean pollution and climate change. Ocean Wise is headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia with staff and initiatives across Canada.

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Help provide invaluable resources for queer individuals to escape persecution and violence through Rainbow Railroad  

Can you imagine living in fear of persecution, torture or murder? Can you imagine going to jail for who you are or who you love? That is a reality for so many LGBTQ2SIA+ individuals around the world. Since 2006, Rainbow Railroad has helped more than 800 individuals find a path to safety to start a new life — free from persecution.

Rainbow Railroad believes that governments around the globe should enact and enforce laws and policies that protect LGBTQ2SIA+ individuals and enable them to live in freedom and safety in their own country. However, until that day arrives, the organization is focused on providing solutions for LGBTQ2SIA+ people who need immediate assistance because they are facing a serious threat to their lives and safety.

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GIVE 5, HIGH 5 was launched May 1st 2021.

For any questions about the program, visit our contact page.