the connect deck: volume two

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TOOL TYPE: Card game.

FUNCTION: For meaningful connection with friends, family, partners, colleagues; and, with ourselves. A staple for every mindful home.


  • 200 universal and bilingual question prompts in English and French (all-new prompts to add-on to Volume One).
  • 1 dice to start each turn and select your colour category.
  • 6 categories to explore connections through all of the senses:
    • 35 yellow cards: break the ice
    • 35 green cards: it’s time to go a little deeper
    • 35 pink cards: no holding back!
    • 35 blue cards: grab some tissues (just in case)
    • 25 purple cards: mindful moment activities
    • 35 orange cards: anything goes!
  • 4 instruction cards for safe and intentional gameplay.
  • 1 vibrant, glossy box with holographic elements that you will not want to store away in the board game closet.

AGE GUIDELINE: Recommended use for ages 13 and over. Sensitive questions may be manually edited, filtered or skipped during gameplay for the young ones.

COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: Designed in Quebec, Canada. Manufactured in China.

WARRANTY: In the unlikely event that your mindful tool should fail you, return it in its original packaging and condition for a prompt and full refund. 100% Happiness Guarantee.

$1+ to LGBT+ support services

With every order, $1+ is donated to LGBT+ mental health and support services worldwide.

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100% Happiness Guarantee

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