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the connect deck

Are you ready to uplevel your relationships?

What we know for sure is that quality relationships are the most important contributor to our levels of happiness; and so, our community co-created this game to help you build more meaningful ones in your life!


With each Connect Deck, you will receive:

  • 30x yellow cards to break the ice
  • 30x green cards to go a little deeper
  • 30x pink cards - no holding back!
  • 30x blue cards that may induce some tears
  • 1x cotton drawstring pouch
  • Made in Montreal, Canada


Don't just Feel Good, #FeelEverything.

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Through co-creation and colour, we offer choices that allow you to express yourself authentically.


Our minimal designs are intentional, covering all of your essential needs, and then allowing who you are to shine.


Living in the present takes practice. Our co-creations are built to be your daily reminder to live in the moment.

the connect deck