Designed in Montreal

... and brought to life by you!

All of our designs are co-created with our community in Montreal, Canada.

Through voting, polls, and conversations online and off, we bring creations to life that reflect who we are.

A global mindfulness brand in the making — one great connection at a time. 🧠✨🏳️‍🌈

Happy Tears — your happiness sidekick.

Since 2018, we set out to inspire a like-minded community of full-time feelers to build a personal tool kit for a more mindful, meaningful, and colourful life. Some of those tools were mindset-shifting research studies and spiritual practices; some would later become tangible tools that would join our community in their everyday lives.

While we both know that we all have what we need inside of us already, another thing that we know to be true is that intentional tools and community can be lifesaving sources of strength to support us along our happiness journey. This is where Happy Tears comes in!

The Connect Deck — the world's first multilingual connection game.

Inspired by the big questions we took to the pages of our journals, throw in a need generated by a global pandemic, and a Connect Deck-sized hole in the market that was ready to welcome a multilingual (English-French) connection game, our first edition was born.

Fast forward to 2024, The Connect Deck is now being played and warmly embraced into the homes of over 15,000+ happy customers worldwide, deepening relationships, encouraging vulnerability, inducing tears, and getting people to really feel, sometimes for the very first time.

Give 5, High 5!

$1 (up to $5) from every order supports the mental health and well-being of the 2SLGBTQIA+ community.

Ensuring that individuals feel and are safe to express all of their colours is the first step to self-actualization — the first step to a chance at happy. For this reason, we are so proud to give back to nonprofit organizations supporting the 2SLGBTQIA+ community worldwide with every purchase.

Don’t Just Feel Good, Feel Everything.

When I developed our mission, I wanted its name to reflect a full and complete spectrum of emotions to remind us of the beautiful breadth of the human experience; Happy Tears became those two words.

The goal is not to live in a constant state of positivity, nor be stuck in a funk; it is about building a resilient mindset and toolbox to find our way back to ourselves when life inevitably happens. And, if I've done my job right, I hope one of our tools helps you along your way.

I am so grateful to channel my creativity into Happy Tears each day, and even more grateful that I get to connect with people like you who seem to love what we are doing, and keep coming back for more.

Thank you for being here.🙂